mardi 1 mars 2011

The working class

J. Crew, P. Lim, Acne (SS 2010), Dsquared, Proenza Schouler, Gap.

Thinking about what I want to wear when on duty this Spring. As always, it's about reinventing the classic suit with:
  • Tailored jackets
  • Blouse or soft shirts 
  • Pencil skirts
  • Cropped skinny trousers
  • Looser wider fit trousers
  • Chino flares
  • mocassins
  • brogues
  • ballet flats
The center look (1st row) by Philip Lim is my favorite combination, with the mix of navy jacket, icy blue blouse and charcoal grey loose trousers.

As a result, I'll head to Gap to look into their Premium pants collection which already delivered my Winter office trousers.  

For blouses, Zara seems to be the place to go as I spotted quite a stock in all kind of colors, prints and cuts.

Considering shoes,  it gets tricky as there are so many options to my taste in stores from relatively cheap to expensive...  I'll have to set my mind on that point and  make a reasonable decision...unless I win again a few pair of shoes...    

The jacket will be another set of mind game as I don't quite know what to do: 
Stick with what I already own, i.e. my grey Etoile jacket from last Fall and then when it's warmer go with  my light  beige short Etoile cotton jacket or look for a new mid-season tailored jacket, preferably navy.

4 commentaires:

If Jane a dit…

uuu excited to see...;))

lin a dit…

Ahh, chic work looks for warmer days. I like all the pictures you picked out, "re-inventing the suit" is really a useful formula to work with. The colours of that Phillip Lim outfit is terrific. His fall collection is pretty nice too, btw.

I like the idea of a navy jacket too. I've been wanting a navy something (cardigan, jacket, pullover) for a while, but nothing perfect's struck yet. I think it's a good investment when you see the right one.

Pennerad a dit…

this probably speaks volumes as to the extent of my boringness, lol, but i truly love the top right and bottom left photos THE MOST. so simple and classy. and i've never been able to find a black pencil-ish skirt that fits. lovely collage, dear!

Aïssa a dit…

If Jane: I'm even more excited Spring actually arrives. I've been feeling a bit sick with the harsh cold wind we've had these past days.

Lin: I really feel like designers are acknowledging the women who have to get up every morning and take charge and not like the stereotypical 80's career woman. It's such a nice change.

Pennerad : Thanks and that's so not boring! Au contraire!