lundi 21 février 2011

Of shoes, bags and mother-daughter promises

I'm just begining to really think about Spring and that's a good thing I didn't start too early because between checking stores this week-end and browsing the web I spotted so many items I like, it's insane. 

"Lucky" the awful weather really helped to keep the Visa in check.

So instead of focusing on clothes, I shifted my attention on accessories, especially bags and shoes.  

I've come to realize that each season, my first purchases are outerwear and shoes.  Bags come much later in the acquisition chain but they're like treats, always catching my eyes.

After years of drifting in the footwear section, I've recently found the kind of shoes that match my style: boots with chunky heels, mannish and tough details, not-too high wedges, uncluttered classic shoes. 

Fortunately, all these features are trendy now so I don't have much trouble finding shoes to my taste.  It's actually quite the opposite, there's too much choice and this Spring offers so many desirable options.

As for bags, I've always been a bag lady. Even as a child I "borrowed" my mom's Lapidus and made her promise to keep them for me so I could wear them when I'd be grown-up... I guess time is due to hold her up to that one. 

Though I've lately restrained my purchases, I'd still fancy a new bag in a light color (tan or grey) in a classic tote shape. 

Must admit that my coup de coeur goes to the Darel in raffia, which according to the brand's site, is already sold-out. No real surprise, knowing the devotion of French women for these bags... Still it's only February, who buys a raffia bag in that sh***y weather?

The selection above is nothing definite. Let's say it's an early draft.

Ideally, I'd like:
  • a Spring version of my brogues, very much alike the Robert Clergerie's,
  • the Vanessa Bruno boots,
  • two-tone ballet flats (Minelli),
  • the Isabel Marant-like pumps (Minelli),
  • Wax printed sneakers (Ohema Ohene)
  • And all the bags!! Okay, just the Salacroux for work and the Darel and Gau for days off.

Now the tough "work" is to determine what I really want and what will remain in the wish-list limbo. 

I guess laws of economics will efficiently settle the matter.

5 commentaires:

S a dit…

Excellent choices! Tan, light grey, or bone colored accessories are great ... I especially love them against dark colors like black and navy. It really lightens up an otherwise stark outfit. I wish I had access to Minelli ... looks like they do some very good "inspired by" items. How is the quality?

If Jane a dit… some money with the lotto and i gladly will go shopping with you!!! ;)

Aïssa a dit…

Thank you S! Tan and navy for instance, what an exquisite combination!
I only own a couple of Minelli shoes and they hold up pretty well. But seeing their new collection, I think the number should go up...

That's the plan If Jane, that's the plan...Will keep you posted! :))

lin a dit…

They're probably the least versatile of the lot, but I adore those sneakers! I used to have a weakness for sneakers as a student, but they've fallen out of my lifestyle. I like that Avril Gau bag, and you don't seem to have many bags that size so it seems like a logical choice. But the colour of that Salacroux is sooo good.

Aïssa a dit…

Lin: I've been eyeing these sneakers since X-mas. The model is so original, it'd add just the funky touch to a basic outfit.
I've never owned anything from Gau or Salacroux (yet) but each's work has been strong. What's even more interesting and rare is that their products are made in France for the same price range as the Vanessa Bruno for example.