lundi 28 février 2011

What made it to my closet in February

There were no "outstanding" purchases in February, it was more about restocking basics.

1- Tops

  • A white shirt (Zara). I hesitated to get this one as I found it expensive for a high street buy but after searching an equivalent to no avail, I finally bought it a few days ago. It's made in soft viscose, not (too) transparent and has a flattering cut.(03/12 update: Returned. I was too dubious regarding the quality of this item)
  • 2 marinières (stripped tees) at Uniqlo:  red on white/ white on navy. (03/12 update: Returned, too much stripes kill the stripes...)
  • natural loose knit (Isabel Marant Etoile) : a basic for everyday.

2 - Bottoms

  • Dark grey slim cargo (Uniqlo) for casual days.
  • Black ankle trousers from Zara, nicely cut for everyday.
  • H&M chinos, a real bargain at 10 euros and a perfect slightly loose cut.

3- Accessories

  • H&M white canvas/black leather tote. It's always a surprise to see in real life an item you wanted based solely on pics. With H&M it's often not a good one (I still remember this Winter long awaited and awfully made shearling jacket) but this one didn't disappoint.
So I was able to instil a little novelty in my work wardrobe  and cross items from my days-off list:
  • a slim denim or chambray overall to wear underneath my Isabel Marant Bator and later with the Etoile grey jacket.
  • red stripes
  • h&m black leather and white canvas tote
  • slim cargos in grey.

15 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

Lovely purchases! I agree on the tote. It's really nice, even though I did find it a bit expensive for H&M.

Milly a dit…

Great purchases. I especially love the Marant loose knit..I'm hunting for one at the moment.x

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

Once I back in shopping mode, I'll make a note to check out h&m for chinos.

Garderoben a dit…

Great basics, I love the marinières and the Etoile knit.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Jessica! I hesitated for a heartbeat when I saw the price of the H&m tote too but it's a good product and satisfies my desire for a not so basic tote.

Thanks Milly! Good luck on that hunt!

Prêt à Porter P: The chinos also comes in red and blue. Colored trousers are all the rage at the moment. I can't really see myself in bright colored bottoms. But then who knows maybe I could be tempted by red trousers.I had a hing for red all Winter so it could be fun to shake up my usual color scheme.

Thanks Garderoben!

If Jane a dit…

oh !!!
now i want a pair of slim cargo pants...;))

S a dit…

wow, those H&M chinos looks really good ... I love a slim but loose and slouchy trouser. Darn! I was just at H&M ... should have paid more attention. All perfect spring items!

lin a dit…

Oh, I dithered over at Uniqlo over the marinieres, not sure if I could justify another one but the material was nice - seemed like a good item to buy extra for spares. Congrats on the progress on your list!

Aïssa a dit…

If Jane: Mea maxima culpa! ;))

S: yes they are and tend to fly away quickly in Paris. I was eventually tempted to try the red ones that Ida got but can't find them anylonger in my store.


Ida a dit…

I got the chinos in a sort of washed red and then in beige... I think I'm gonna bleach the red pair slightly, it could look pretty awesome! And if it fails I could just cut them into shorts lol.

Am looking for that tote too (I've been eyeing it for as long as you) - I promise I'm not stalking you :D

Aïssa a dit…

Ida: I'm not sure I'll find the red ones in my size. I was a bit colorphobe especially regarding trousers but I wouldn't mind cheap funky trousers this Spring!

I know you're not stalking me... It's just that great minds think alike! ;))
I bought the tote last week and that was the only store I saw it in, so far in Paris. If you want I could check that store and take it for you.

Ida a dit…

I need to get my butt out of the study hall and look for that bag! I do think it's available in DK, it should be... But I might just take you up on that offer if I don't find it <3

Unfortunately there aren't any red chinos available right now, I think they're sold out. But keep looking, they do get more stock in!

Aïssa a dit…

Ok! Keep me posted on the bag.

Anonyme a dit…

I seriously love every item!! Great taste!!!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks so much Emmy!