mercredi 2 mars 2011

5 propositions

I spent idle moments on Polyvore imagining 5 Spring Summer outfits around the Etoile Roy knit.

Prop n° 1: A bit Riviera and Boulevard Saint-Germain.

Prop n° 2: Basic and casual look fit for the actual weather (maybe with an extra layer of themal)

Prop n° 3: "The bourge" as in bourgeoise, perfect lux accessories and understated look.

Prop n° 4: Late Spring, early Summer chic and casual city look.

Prop n° 5: The trendy look of the season, a mix of nude and bright colors.

Credits here or on Prop title.

9 commentaires:

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

The sweater is a versatile piece, I like waffle knits. I like the 1st outfit (great bag too) and the 3rd (especially the grey tweed coat). The blue tye dye clutch is nice too, reminds me of that beautiful miu miu one they did some years ago.

S a dit…

ahhh, LOVE your ideas!! I already did outfits very similar to 2 and 3, but am too excited to see what 1, 4, and 5 would look like on. I think 4 is my favorite of the group, very unexpected (for me anyway) and fresh. One day I'll have to finally attempt shorts, but good shorts are so impossible to find!

Garderoben a dit…

I think that I prefer the casual look, but I love the Vanessa Bruno blazer. I never got the blazer+shorts combination, though. I mean, when it's warm enough for shorts, it's too warm for a blazer! I love the look, though, just don't think I could get away with it.

Dahlia a dit…

still cold as hell over here, so this psot makes me long for spring so much!

Vegalyn a dit…

it's -4°c this morning.... brrrrr....

Love the collages. I usually keep to a cool color palet in the spring, but start thinking about adding more beige and sandy colours now.

Toothfairy a dit…

nice to see how very versatile this piece is!

Aïssa a dit…

Prêt à Porter P: I had such a crush on that Miu Miu tie-dye clutch! I'm always looking for it on ebay or at least for a substitute!
Oh how I want to be a "bourge" (3rd look)! It's the kind of quiet but not boring outfits I love.
Heard on the radio, there's a Super loto tomorrow, I think I'll take the chance. It's the only way I'll ever own the items featured! :))

Thanks S! I also like the way the knit's styled in the ad but it's not really my style and it would be too "copié-collé".
I find that shorts a little "baggy" but never tight and too short are easier to wear.
Like these by Isabel Marant and in a sporty vibe are the kind I'd go to. Not the skimpy short-shorts she did!

Garderoben: I guess it depends on the weather and the materials of clothes.
I often wear a linen blazer in late Spring or Summer with shorts, it's more like a cardi. Mornings and soirées are often fresh and it adds a bit of structure to an otherwise very casual look.

Dahlia: Poor you! Don't tell me it's still snowing! BUT we're in March, official Spring time is near. Let's keep positive!

Vegalyn: Ah, it sucks. In Paris the temperatures barely hit the 1°c in the morning lately. So much for the pre-Spring outfits I had in mind! I'm wrapped up in my cashmere scarf and piling up layers! :))

Dank je wel Toothfairy!

q9y8 a dit…

Gosh, you made me want that knit so badly. ;-)

Love every single outfit you put together, especially the last one.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks q9y8! I really like that knit. I've made the shops rounds but haven't seen an equivalent for Spring