samedi 19 février 2011

Days-off : The shopping

I finally did a bit of pre-Spring shopping and found items for my days-off:
  • red stripes
  • dark grey skinny cargo

Both from Uniqlo

5 commentaires:

heart in a cage a dit…

I love the shirt! I want to get a red-white striped shirt from Saint James soon.

S a dit…

fantastic transition pieces! such perfect simplicity, I can't wait to see how you will incorporate these items ... you have a knack for making simple pieces interesting.

Garderoben a dit…

I wish we had Uniqlo here. Seems to be a plce for great basics.

If Jane a dit…

ok looks like my saint james...)
and the cargo pants are great!
ah! how i wish we had uniqlo here!

Aïssa a dit…

Dank u wel heart in a cage! I had a Saint-James decades ago but I lost it during one of my house moves...I liked it so much.

Thanks S! I had my "too much of everything" moments which made me realize that it's not for me. Can you believe I used to tag simplicty as "boring"?! I feel so much like myself now, simple and hopefully not too boring!

Garderoben: I'm only begining to discover the merits of Uniqlo. They do have good basics and you have to be quick and early as items fly off shelves.

Thanks If Jane! Guess we know now where Uniqlo's people got their inspiration for this tee!!