samedi 26 février 2011

Something Marant this way comes

I've joined the band wagon and got this Etoile knit today. 

I also wanted to get the blue, red and white chiné knit and a cute printed blouse but they will have to wait for the pay to drop.


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Ida a dit…

I knew you'd end up getting that knit :D How much was it?

If Jane a dit…

oh la! "i joined the bandwagon"
you're funny aïssa! ;))

Fleurette a dit…

That knit is beautiful and so soft.. I now regret that I didn't buy it. I only found it in cream in the rue de charonne store in paris.

S a dit…

I love your picks ... I'm been thinking about the red/white/navy sweaters as well. I can't wait to see how you will wear the cream sweater, so I can get more outfit ideas! :)

Aïssa a dit…

Mmmh...You're a great mind reader Ida! :))
It retails 180 euros in France.

If Jane: I can't seriously brag about being original on this one!:)) S from first brought it to my attention and it seems other French bloggers were a step ahead too!

Fleurette: The knit is stupidly plain and beautiful. I'd say hurry if you really want it. Smallest sizes are already hard to find.

Thanks S! Though I'll give credit where it's due and thank you for pointing out that great item!
I've just spent my Sunday afternoon creating Polyvore sets based on the sweater...

Toothfairy a dit…

I like that reddish marant knit, but I already bought so much marant lately... it is so addicting. I love your blog by the way!

Anonyme a dit…

That 1st sweater is gorgeous!!!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Toothfairy! The red one is really nice but I try to stay reasonable in my purchases.

Thanks a lot Emmy!!