lundi 8 août 2011

Cette vieille chose

I've owned these corduroy trousers for more than 5 years, they've followed me throughout the years, adapting and surviving to all kind of phases: worn badboy style, clad with leather and sneakers and in a more classic way, with sharp blazers and pumps. On hold from time to time, never had I the impulse to part with them.

A few days ago, as I was meeting my mother, she pointed out the black blouse I was wearing saying  "oh cette vieille chose" (oh, that old thing!). It's  from Zara and at least 10 years old.

We couldn't help but laugh remembering when she repaired it for me and tried to figure out since when I had it in my closet.

If it ain't broke why replace it, I then added. The moment I said it, I realized that it's not that simple. What I know is that nor the trousers or the blouse were overthought purchases and yet years later I still enjoy them.

I've given up on still in perfect condition clothes in the blink of an eye without any regret, but some hold a je ne sais quoi which make them stand the test of time.

jacket and trousers: Etoile IM
shirt: h&m
scarf: Zara
sandals: Bata
bag: YSL

8 commentaires:

Emmy a dit…

This is really lovely!

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

You wear scarves so well--I convinced this is a European talent, I feel like I'm drowning or strangling myself. You look truly chic.

I like that I still wear things in my closet that are 5+ even 10+ years old--and it's not even expensive stuff either. Just today I asked my mom if she still had this bag I remember her using everyday to and from work, that's older than me. There's not a tear on it, nor any wear on the handles. Either I'm really hard on my stuff (yes), or things just aren't made with the durability they are today.

Garderoben a dit…

Those are great pants, I love that you've worn and styled them in so many ways. I also have quite a few things that I've used for many years, mostly A.P.C knits and jackets, they last forever!

Aïssa a dit…

You're the sweetest Emmy!

Prêt:I'm a sucker for scarves. I don't know when exactly it all started but now it's almost an addiction. Apparently, my grandmother must have passed it on to me as she was quite the fashion lover.
When I look at my mom's pictures, I'm always complaining to her about stuff she could have kept for me. Then she replies that the materials were quite resistant but not that comfortable to wear so she threw a lot away...

Aïssa a dit…

Garderoben:It's funny how some items always inspire us years after years.
When I bought these trousers, 5 years ago, it was late Fall, I was more into a retro hip-hop phase. Now, that my style has evolved to a more quiet and classic pace, they still work.

koko // res pulchrae a dit…

Love this, the colors are so comforting.

I wish there was a way to know you'll wear something to death at the time of purchase! So far it's been a mystery to me why some items I wear out, while others I tire of after a few seasons. There's no common thread, it's not like one particular brand or style. I guess if that mystery were ever solved that would be too easy and bad for the economy :-)

t a dit…

Those pants look great!

Aïssa a dit…

Koko: I'm sure even if I knew for sure I'd still be tempted to get the not so long lasting items. Sometimes, I'm all about the spirit of contradiction!

Thanks t!