lundi 1 août 2011

What I wore last thursday

I won't be ranting about the temps de cochon awful weather we've had these past weeks. I just adapted my Summer fashion aspirations and traded little colorful dresses and flat sandals for jackets, cropped trousers and closed shoes. 

When I count the very little number of times I've been able till now to wear 100% Summer clothes, it only strengthens my belief that spending and buying a lot on these "warmer" seasons is not worth it this side of the old continent.

When it comes to workwear, what I've worn most frequently lately were actually mid-season clothes: 
Etoile cropped jacket or Zara trench, conservatively cut tees (a modest round collar cut, no deep V neck, not sheer), shirts, ankle cut trousers and brogues or ballet flats. 
As for week-ends, I've relied on the same kind of outerwear, a variety of jeans, slim cargos and my destroyed sneakers

So in conclusion (completely self-congratulatory) I feel even more satisfied of my Summer shopping restraint.

Now if only the sun could come out, I still want to wear those little colorful dresses... No I'm not ranting, just expressing myself.

I couldn't take a pic of what I wore last Thursday so I made this Polyvore set.

What I wore last thursday

Jacket and linen tee : IM Etoile
black cropped trousers : Gap
bag: h&m
slingback patent wedges: New Look
my Opex watch and D&G eyeglasses

3 commentaires:

t a dit…

Nice look. I like that bag.

lin a dit…

I'm your reverse, I'm thanking myself for showing restraint whenever I'm tempted to buy a jacket or sweater - I haven't worn a jacket since I left my previous, more office-bound job - because the weather on my side of world is goes from hot to hotter, haha.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks t. The bag's one of my best Spring purchase. I've worn it so much maybe I should have bought an extra.

Lin: I bet! It's funny how we are often tempted to put aside reality for the sake of a desirable piece. Imagining scenarios in which we'd be able to wear such and such. Most often these items are barely (if not at all) worn.
It's a trap I've grown to resist as Summer only last a couple of months really and this one we're having a few weeks sadly. It makes no sense to buy items that will barely be used especially as I'm staying (and working) in the city all Summer.