mercredi 20 avril 2011

In the mix this week

It was a girly, colorful and mixed up week in celebration of the Summer-like days we had.

- A bit of Africa, with a printed Dutch wax tissue :

I bought the tissue on a market in Africa and had a tailor make me this little skirt.

Trench: Zara Basic
Linen/cotton navy knit : h&m
skirt made in Africa 
Bag: Gap
Espadrilles wedges: Minelli

- A girly variation on Wednesday:

Trench: Zara Basic
Linen/cotton navy knit and skirt : h&m
Bag: Vanessa Bruno
Espadrilles wedges: Minelli

- Retro Africa with a Malick Sidibé "Nuit de Noël' inspiration: a  full skirt indigo cinched waist batik printed dress 

Dress made in Africa 
Bag : Vanessa Bruno
Espadrilles wedges: Minelli

7 commentaires:

ZANAH a dit…

Nice looks !

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

The patterns on the African skirt and dress are fabulous!

S a dit…

ooooh very nice. there's something so right about wearing pattern in the summer, esp with espadrilles!

Garderoben a dit…

Oh, great looks! That's a beautiful dress. I love African prints, I got lots of fabrics in uganda that I still haven't figured out what to do with.

If Jane a dit…

oh i loveeee the african skirt and dress!! chic!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Zanah ! That's very nice of you!

Thanks Prêt! I couldn't help doing a little shopping even on holidays! The materials were so incredible, it was hard to choose!

S: Thanks! I know! If there's one thing that changes in the way I dress come Spring/Summer is the inclusion of prints.

Thanks Garderoben! I've had the chance to meet amazingly talented designers and tailors in Africa so I would just draw and explain them what I wanted with the materials and they would achieve it. I also used some for the house: curtains, sofa cover...

Thanks If Jane ! I appreciate it a lot!

Emmy a dit…

I love that short trench coat so much!