mardi 19 avril 2011


I need a new phone.
My battered ancient Nokia is well too beat up to be decently brought out in full day light. Plus, major reason actually,  my  phone operator cancelled my SIM card so I'm officially...unreachable. Ooh, I know, the tragedy!

I'm thinking about Blackberry. The iPhone's pretty cool too but way too expensive for a moderate phone user like me.

Thoughts? For once, that's one shopping department I have no idea what to get....

April 23rd edit:  Thanks for all the feedback! Got the iPhone. 

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koko // res pulchrae a dit…

I have the Blackberry Bold 9780 and I love it. I would not get the Torch, it is not well-reviewed.

The two things Blackberries are best for are reading e-mails and texting (I find the Bold's keyboard a lot easier to use than touch-screen phones and those flip keyboard phones.) OS 6 has a decent web browser, and the mobile version of Google Reader works very well if you want to follow blogs and other RSS feeds. So if you get a lot of emails and text often I highly recommend a Blackberry. I get a ton of emails and the BB by far is the best email client. It's difficult for me to get through my emails via the iPad.

If you will be browsing the web via phone often, want to play games and download all sorts of apps (like if you want your phone to open your car door or something) then maybe the iPhone is best.

I have a few friends with Android phones and they are happy with those as well.

J a dit…


longtime reader, first-time commenting...i'm facing the same dilemma as i'm entering law school in the fall and want a new phone, but alas, i think i will be succumbing to the iphone bc i want to be able to watch netflix at the gym (terrible, i know)..

i have a quick question i was hoping you could help with: i will be in paris for a week later this month, and of course, will be looking for isabel marant items... of the boutiques and department stores that carry the brand, which do you think carries the most stock/greatest variety/offers the best shopping experience? I think I read somewhere that one of the boutiques has a communal mirror-- do you know which one that is, and should I avoid or embrace that one (haha)?

Thanks so much for your help!

girl6_nyc a dit…

I have a BBBold for work & Iphone for personal use. Like Koko said above if you email a lot BB is the way to go.

As far as the Iphone, I rarely make calls also but I LOVE the Iphone so much more than the BB simply because of the games, the apps ('s app is the BEST), my music. The best part about the Iphone imo is I can play my music and if I get a call while listening to my music I don't miss the call. The iphone slowly takes your music down to inform you your phone is ringing.

Ive heard great things about Android phones too...

I guess it all depends on what you actually do ie emailing a lot, texting, games, music, etc that determines the best phone for you.

Ginta a dit…

I have Android - HTC Desire HD and I love it! I guess it's closer to IPhone than Blackberry. I can't say anything useful I guess but I'm happy that I have it. :)

koko // res pulchrae a dit…

I forgot to add, I think the iPhone 5 is coming out soon.

Also if you do get an iPhone turn off autocorrect or you will end up here:



Aïssa a dit…

Koko: Thanks for all the input. I think I'll get the iPhone... in the end. I know I was dismissing it at first but after a vsit to the store and cross interviewing friends with the iPhone, seems like we belong together.
I swear people get lyrical talking about their smartphones! It was so funny this afternoon a friend turned into a Steve Jobs lookalike in front of me, showing me all her apps, pics and whatnot!

Maybe there will be an app to open the métro doors...It's so hard to push the button! :))

And I will make sure to turn off the autocorrect!!

Thanks J! We don't have netflix in France but it must be quite addictive!! :))
I'm also leaning toward the iPhone... Guess those intensive ads and people around me gushing on how they can't live without it finally worked.

About Marant, the store at Bastille is the one with the common changing room plus you have a sales assistant watching you the whole time...Nice huh?! At least it was the case last time I went there a looong time ago! As you can tell it's not my favorite IM store but from what I remember the stock selection was quite interesting.
I go mostly to the one in le Marais which is quieter than the other 2 and to the corners at Le Bon Marché dept store.
You should find most of the collection in store as I think the whole SS must have been delivered by now.

girl6_nyc: Thanks for the comparison! You got me with the Style app! :)) I can understand how it gets addictive.
Plus the iPhone seems so simple to use. I'm feeling like it's a done deal by the second.

Thanks Ginta! I've looked at it at the store. It looks amazing but I think I'm falling for the iPhone though that was the one I was putting aside at first! :)) Yeah, that's me...A walking paradox.