samedi 23 avril 2011

Easter week-end

It's been so hot in the Paris area, almost as if we were already in Summer. After a little mental resistance, I finally caved in and enjoyed the warm weather. 
For this Easter week-end, I even opted for sandals and shorts!

Shirt: h&m
Trousers:IM Etoile
Sandals: Zara
Bag: Gap 

Shirt, shorts : h&m
sandals: New Look
Bag: Gap

7 commentaires:

Garderoben a dit…

It's summmer here too! Strange, but lovely! Love the Etoile pants, are they from the current collection?

Elegantesque a dit…

found your blog on the fashion spot !!

nice outfit


If Jane a dit…

Joyeuses Pâques !

t a dit…

Nice looks. Love the colours in the second one.

miss sophie a dit…

love both your looks - it's warmed up considerably here in nyc and i'm still trying to eke out as many more days of leather jacket weather as i can before i give up. :)

S a dit…

Oh, you make shorts look very good, and more than that, sophisticated. Quite a feat, lady. I also really enjoy your outfit with the blue shirt, especially for the pop of color in the sandals ... makes it feel so fresh and springy.

Aïssa a dit…

Sorry for the delay answering your comments!

Garderoben: A few days have passed and Summer's gone, we're back in Spring! Crazy weather!

Elegantesque: Thanks! Your blog is great! I feel like such an amateur!

Merci If Jane! J'espère que tu as bien fêté aussi! J'ai surtout profité pour prendre l'air et le soleil! Pas de chocolat pour moi!

Thanks t!

Thanks miss sophie! Funny, it's the contrary here! When I did this post I was about to put the leather jacket to rest but now it's very fresh again so I can wear it!

Really appreciate S! It's not my usual days off look as of late I'm more into jacket, jeans, boots and basta but those days I felt like trying a little harder!! :))