vendredi 25 février 2011

Tenue du jour - Macadam style

The only concession and nod to the (hopefully) soon Spring were little touches of white in this casual Friday off outfit. 

The low grey sky was at least counterbalanced by an unexpected warmth so instead of putting a  knit over my thermal (Damart) I just added a grey chiné sweater (h&m).

I put on my cotton and  fake leather trousers (Jennyfer), my Gap peacoat and at my feet, derelict sneakers (Nike x Comptoir des Cotonniers) to hop in the city. 

Oh and a big tote (h&m) in case I'd have to hide some "incriminating" purchases (which was not the case by the way). 

3 commentaires:

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

"incriminating" purchases. lol!!!
I like the way the bag compliments the overall outfit. I like your sneakers too.

If Jane a dit…

fab!!! and i do love the canvas nikes running shoes...such a classic!

Aïssa a dit…

Prêt à Porter P: You know what I mean!! I don't usually hide my purchases because well it's my hard earned money but sometimes getting home with yet another shopping bag makes me feel guilty. It's so messed up!
Thank you!

Thanks If Jane! I love those sneakers, they're worn out to death but I just can't get rid of them.