jeudi 24 février 2011

Tenue du jour - Inner boy

Today was "casual thursday" as I'm not working tomorow (Yay!). 
Being a bit fed up with what I basically wore all week (camel peacoat, boot cut trousers and high heeled boots), I did a 180  and decided to unleash my inner preppy boy. 
So I wore the classic white shirt under v-neck knit combination with slightly cropped loose trousers and brogues. 

Coat: Isabel Marant 
knit : Uniqlo
shirt: H&m
trousers: Zara
bag: Anna Corinna
brogues: Fratelli Rossetti

10 commentaires:

Fleurette a dit…

Wow, this is just perfect. I love your outfit!

koko // res pulchrae a dit…

Love it! Pretty much how I dress every day for work. Nice brogues. That's one item that's going on my fall list for sure!

S a dit…

Borrowed from the boys but still utterly womanly. The difference is all in how the garments are shaped and worn, no? You look beautiful.

lin a dit…

Awesome outfit. Everything of yours fits you so well. I always wish it was cold enough for me to wear a sweater over my shirt...

Vegalyn a dit…

Looks great on you.

I think I have the same pair of trousers :-))

Bon Weekend!

Aïssa a dit…

Thank you Fleurette!

Thanks Koko! Oh, these brogues, I'm so thankful for this unexpected gift. Just the right accessory to shake my outfits up.

S: Thanks a lot. I agree! I still prefer being called Mademoiselle or Madame!

Thanks Lin! We can trade places you know. A week in Paris so you can stuff yourself out with all the Winter clothes you want and I will enjoy feeling actual warm not central heated air on my skin.;))

Vegalyn: Thanks! Ain't it funny how with Zara and co, we all have the same clothes! It's even more obvious with blogs. I spend my time spying stuff I saw in stores or that I own.

Dahlia a dit…

I adore this outfit! I think it's my favorite of yours so far. Love how the shirt peaks out from the sleeves. :)

Pennerad a dit…

great. love the brogues and pants especially.

Garderoben a dit…

Love the pants! Why don't I ever find anything like that at Zara? Great look.

Aïssa a dit…

Ah, that's very sweet! Thanks Dahlia!

Thanks Pennerad!

Garderoben: Between the crowd, loud music, prices increase and fluctuating quality, I often watch Zara's stock from far away but rarely take the time to check it in detail and actually buy. Thanks to their online store, I can do a little preview and triage comfortably at home.