lundi 4 octobre 2010

Il pleut, Il mouille

Today is off. Went to the 19th arrondissement near the Buttes Chaumont in the morning to pick up a package then headed South for some groceries shopping. Made a pit stop at H&M where I did find a black straight trousers from their "conservative/work" line.
Now I'm back home where I'm supposed to work my Dutch. Ik moet!
Instead I made jasmin tea and ate some biscuits while watching the series premiere of Undercovers. 

So the outfit today was weather appropriate: A trench (Zara) because it rains non stop but it's quite warm. Underneath it, a cotton knit (Etoile IM), my leopard printed scarf for the (also) non stop wind. 
Black moto jeans (H&M Trend). I bought them last year and they have topstitched knee patches, zip at ankles. 
I wore my Minelli wedge boots for the first time and Balenciaga Day on the shoulder.

7 commentaires:

Pennerad a dit…

ooh! is that the new bal or did you have this one before?
i quite like the boots. looks like they were a perfect purchase.

Dahlia a dit…

les bottes sont vraiment magnifiques... elles me font penser aux modèles qu'APC avaient sorties il y a quelques années. toujours aussi classiques.

Aïssa a dit…

Pennerad, it's my old Balenciaga. My first ever and only designer bag. I'm coveting the City model...Still in process.
Thanks for the boots! I really like them and think they will be one of those items in heavy rotation in my outfits to come.

Merci Dahlia et comme toujours tu vises en plein dans le mille!!!
Je convoitais ces fameuses bottes APC et je me rappelle bien la folie autour de ce modèle qu'on voyait partout mais le prix les rendait inacessibles pour moi à l'époque. En tout cas, ces bottes ont fait forte impression sur mon subconscient car plusieurs années après, quand j'ai vu ce modèle de chez André, j'y ai tout de suite repensé.

lin a dit…

I love that Zara coat, it's so simple but it makes you look twice.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Lin! I can only confirm that it's a great basic as I'm wearing it again today!

heart in a cage a dit…

Nice outfit! I enjoyed reading your previous posts. Especially the "Style: Fall Winter edition" post!;)

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks heart in a cage! I really appreciate that you took the time to read my posts! I never really know if my ramblings interest anyone.