samedi 2 octobre 2010

Inventory: Fall outerwear

1. Trench coats:

          Printemps trench -decade old 
          Zara Basic - Fall 10 purchase
          2.Casual outerwear

          H&M Divided 2 or 3 years old
          H&M LOGG windbreaker- 4 years old
          Zara Woman - Bought 2 years ago
          Jacob denim jacket bought years ago in Canada

          3. Statement jackets

          ASOS leather jacket - Almost 2 years old
          H&M Divided plaid jacket - Fall 10 purchase

          Antik Batik silk jacket - decade old at least
          Naf-Naf velvet blazer - decade old
          Zara Basic fluffy light grey jacket - Fall 09 purchase

          4. Simple well cut jackets that work with everything

          IM Bator -Fall 09 
          IM Etoile Fall 10
          IM Etoile Fall 10

          Like I said in the previous post, I'm very content with my Fall collection of outerwear.
          Some items have been with me for a long time, like the Antik Batik jacket that I still enjoy wearing. Others are new but I have a feeling they'll stand the test of time.

          If I could I'd had this Rick Owens leather biker jacket:

          Credit: NAP -This Next

          The Ocela Etoile knit jacket

           (net à porter)

          ...and the Chanel jacket, for example the one worn by Vanessa Paradis

          10 commentaires:

          Prêt à Porter P a dit…

          I'm liking the ASOS leather jacket, Antik Batik oriental one, and the IM Etoile tweed jacket. A good collection, I personally never tire of jackets either. Your dream jackets are pretty good picks too.

          Pennerad a dit…

          lovely collection. i find that folks in temperate climates always have the MOST jackets. i'm still on the hunt for my go-to piece. liking the etoiles...
          i'm also right there with you re: the rick owens biker jacket.

          DEAD FLEURETTE a dit…

          Wow, great collection! Jackets are so important.. I dream of a closet that consist of many lovely jackets that I can just pull with a t-shirt, black jeans and boots.

          However, didn't you sell your bator jacket?

          t a dit…

          That RO jacket is on my list too. :)

          Aïssa a dit…

          I hesitated between the RO and the Balenciaga but RO it is. Everytime after checking his boutique at the Palais Royal, I buy a lottery ticket just in case...

          DEAD FLEURETTE : Well I intended to sell the Bator but afer failed attempts because of non paying buyers and the ebay hassle it created, I gave up. Thought it was a sign too! The jacket was not meant to go just yet!

          Dahlia a dit…

          ah mais quelle magnifique collection! je t'envie!

          lin a dit…

          What a coincidence, I have been in love with the same Chanel jacket for the longest time...I have the ad torn out somewhere and saved in a scrap book.

          Aïssa a dit…

          Merci Dhalia!

          Thanks Lin. I disliked the bag very much, but the jacket mixed with the casual jeans is perfect.

          jhon a dit…

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          jhon a dit…

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