dimanche 12 juin 2011


As previously mentioned, I cleared out my closets lately.

Clothes, bags and other accessories shipped across France and the world to new homes, sold on eBay and through consignment stores.

But I also welcomed a few  items via the same ways.

I don't know what's gotten into me because suddenly all I've been craving for were some Isabel Marant and Etoile oldies.

Here's the result of what I gathered.

- 2 flirty Summer dresses:

I admit that I don't remember seeing the fuschia dress in stores. In fact I don't even know wether it's from the 2009 collection or maybe the previous year. But it doesn't matter really. I do remember seeing it on Reese Witherspoon who looked so cute in it and thinking how it would not look too bad on me either! 
I love the color so much, it's a great tint. I feared it would be too bright when in fact it's the right pop of color. Not too sweet nor flashy.

I've wanted a LWD for a long time now but they were often too girly and frilly. This one is not actually white, it's a few shade darker which is even better, with nice details but not overly embellished.

-  A blouse:

This blouse was from the 2009 SS collection. Like with many expensive clothes, I tried it over and over again but couldn't bring myself to buy it and I thought hoped I'd find it during sales which of course didn't happen.  I did luck out this time on eBay.

- a skirt:

That's one mini skirt that I actually owned a few years ago.
I had bought it during sales a size bigger and when I shed a few extra kilos, no matter how I rolled the waist or pinned it, the skirt simply didn't fit anymore so I reluctantly sold it.
So glad I could get it back again.

Aside from Isabel Marant's oldies, I acquired a bag that I've wanted for a long time. Here's my Céline cabas.

So simple and versatile in any season, no visible logo aside from the tiny inscription on one side, barely identifiable, big yet light, wearable on the shoulders provided that the outerwear is not too heavy.

As always, its price in stores for such a basic product put me off and thanks to these alternate shopping circuits, I got it for a bargain.

10 commentaires:

S a dit…

Oh, such lovely new things! I remember the denim skirt when you wore it several years ago and was always very envious of it. And I was very tempted by this past summer's version of your blouse, but I think the fabric of your version is much nicer.

t a dit…

Amazing buys! Love it all!


Garderoben a dit…

Great new things! I've also tried on this years version of the blouse, but it didn't look so good on me. Yours is beautiful. I'm selling the dress version of that skirt right now! It's so lovely, but I just never use it. The skirt looks great!

lin a dit…

I love the ivory top especially, so beautiful, and that Celine Cabas is a great everyday bag. You are certainly resourceful to have found everything you wanted...I've never been that great shopping on ebay etc.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks S! It was such a long time ago I had that skirt and you remember it! That's sweet!
It's funny how this skirt made such a strong impression on me that I had to get it back years later. There are not many items I got rid off that I'd buy back again but when I saw this one on eBay I knew I had to get it.
I've tried this year's blouse too but wasn't entirely convinced either.

Thanks t!

Garderoben: Thanks! Like I was saying to S, I also tried this year's blouse and I was really ready to get it after seeing pics of it on the web. But I was also disappointed because something in the cut was awkward on me.
I love the dress you're selling, I might be tempted...

Lin: Thank you! I think it was more good timing that brought me to get these items! Usually, I'm not that lucky!

koko // res pulchrae a dit…

Great finds! Looks like you're all set for summer!

Love the bag, I prefer this simpler style to the Celine Boston bag actually.

It is sales season here now but I have miraculously managed not to buy anything. Then of course a ton of stuff I want popped up on eBay recently, so in the end Iam doomed anyway, lol.

Emmy a dit…

Love that lace blouse and the celine tote! So simple, yet so beautiful!s

Aïssa a dit…

Koko: Thanks! "I'm all set, I don't need more for Summer" should be my motto and yet each time the sun pops up and the temperature rises, I want to add something! Printed shorts or another little dress for instance... And the sales start next week!! I know I'm safe considering how much I hate crowds and the crazyness of stores at that time but like you, I'll be browsing the web. Seems like I'm in luck right now with eBay...I'm not sure it's a good thing.

Thanks ! I've been wearing the Céline almost non stop. It really fits with my life and what I like right now.

R A a dit…

I am admiring all of these purchases. Fine taste, I say!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks R A!