vendredi 23 juillet 2010

Did she hire a stylist?

If she did, well done to her.
I'm not a fan (well except for her first movie "The Man in the Moon") and yet I can't help notice how stylish Reese Witherspoon has been since a few months.

Of course there were a few red carpets stand-outs, but I barely noticed her style on a daily basis as it consisted pretty much of the basic jeans and tee combination. Right now, she's been wearing lots of cute little dresses, accesorized with a fedora hat, mixing designers and cheaper brands.

The change has been subtle but it really suits her.
I was just browsing Just Jared when I saw new pics and I barely recognized her. She looks younger and more care-free but at the same time more confident.

I think that's what I like so much about fashion. Finding your style is so freeing and empowering.

(pics from Just Jared)

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