mercredi 13 avril 2011

Tenue du jour - Army at work

N° of army jackets/parkas in my closet: 3
N° of army trousers (slim, cargo, skinny) : 4

I think these numerus definitely non clausus (I could also add the Gap bag) qualify me as an utily clothes repeat offender. 

Maybe it's a subconscious acknowledgement of some family connections to law and order forces or the lingering of my teenager hip-hop years but I have a strong taste for anything kaki green with pockets and zips. 

Usually my slouchy army jackets are restricted to days off but my latest one is a bit more fancier so I decided to include it in my work uniform.

Army jacket, knit : h&m
Trousers: Zara
Pumps: Jonak
Bag: Gap 
scarf: Cos

6 commentaires:

koko // res pulchrae a dit…

You know I'm not usually sentimental with clothes and can let go of things easily, but there's one pair of super baggy green utility pants I can't seem to part with even though the chances of me ever wearing them again are slim.

I also had a pair of cargo pants I wore to the ground during college. I suppose the latest reincarnation currently in my closet would be a pair of JBrand skinny cargo pants.

There's definitely something about them that is very appealing, maybe it's the practicality? All those pockets? Whatever it is, I certainly understand the appeal.

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

I have a thing for utilitarian clothes and bags. I like khaki green color too.

If Jane a dit…

maybe it also have to do with the fact that you are cool and classy! ;))

t a dit…

Great look!

Aïssa a dit…

koko: I like ruffles, flowery and flimsy clothes in moderation but give me pockets, zips and kaki and it's hard for me to resist. Maybe it's because these utility clothes make us feel like badasses!

I have also this green baggy from the late super trendy French brand "Lady Soul" that I still own and still wear. It's more than a decade old and I love it! It's a classic for me so I'm not getting rid of this one.

Prêt: The color is also an all time and season favorite. It's so easy to mix and goes with everything.

If Jane : Thanks! I would blush if I could!:))

Thanks t

miss sophie a dit…

i too have a little bit of an addiction for utilitarian pants and jackets. olive green never fails as a spring/summer staple for me :)