lundi 11 avril 2011

Back to life, back to reality

I've had this song's chorus very appropriately in my head since I came back in Europe. 
Today, my reality is métro, boulot, dodo and will be till the next holidays. 

Trench: Zara Basic - Fall 2010
Knit: Etoile IM - Spring 2011
Cropped trousers: Gap - Spring 2011
Ballet flats: Lanvin - old
Bag : Gap - Spring 2011
Scarf: Isabel Marant - 2/3 years old

10 commentaires:

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

Nice bag

heart in a cage a dit…

You look perfect!

S a dit…

I'm loving this transition to warmer weather type of outfit. What a difference switching to lighter colors make!

Pennerad a dit…

lol, funny how métro, boulot, dodo can traverse oceans and cultural borders. i can never wait for my NEXT vacation.
lovely, simple spring outfit here.

If Jane a dit…

love that song!!! thanks for reminding me! ouf! i cannot wait to go on vacation all i do is métro, boulot, dodo (er occasional dodo!) ...xx

Viv a dit…

i adore your zara trench, it's so on trend :)

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Prêt!

You're very sweet heart in a cage, thanks!

S: Thanks! I've finally stored all (well 98%... Like Prince said "sometimes it snows in April"!) of my Winter clothes and it's such a treat to the eyes to see lighter colors. I'm basically wearing the same outfits as in Fall/Winter but different colors make it all feel brand new.

Pennerad: Ah yes! It's the same old, same old song! I'm counting the days till I can go away again without looking like a total slacker!

Courage, courage If Jane! I don't know how the song suddenly crept back in my mind but I'm glad it did, it's a great 90's classic.

Thanks Viv! I actually find it quite classic in a trendy way and I'm really glad I got it last Fall. It seems to hold on pretty well so far.

t a dit…

Liking those light colours in this look!

Dahlia a dit…

Simple, casual but still chic!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks t! I'm a big fan of greys and black but it's nice to add a lighter range of colors come Spring!

Thanks Dahlia! I'm not a "Elegantly complicated fashionista" outfits fan. I leave that to others who do it so much better!