jeudi 17 mars 2011

Tenue du jour - A taste of Spring

Here is what I wore yesterday on a Spring-like day in Paris, with lots of sunshine and clement temperatures (15°c !). So hard to stay confined to the office.

It was a simple outfit, grey and beige combination: grey wool jacket (my beige trench is at the dry-cleaner otherwise I would have worn it), a light cotton knit in a natural light beige color, grey tappered trousers and two-tone ballet flats.

I had brought my old and very comfortable Lanvin flats in case the Chanels were unbearable at the end of the day but the verdict is in: they are very comfortable. No pains or unpleasant rubbing. What a relief. I'd have hated if they had turned out to be one of those nasty pernicious shoes which feel great inside but are a nightmare once you actually set a footwear them in the street!  

Depending on the weather of course, variations of this look will be one of my main business uniform: jacket or trench, cropped trousers, flats or pumps, that I have to bring back from storage... Spring is in the air!

jacket, knit: Etoile IM
trousers: Zara
ballet flats: Chanel

12 commentaires:

Fleurette a dit…

Oh, I abolutely adore your outfit! Who knew that grey and beige would look so good together? At least I didn't.. I always avoid that color combination because I never make it work, but you on the contrary.. this is pure perfection, and hearing you talking about your new flats makes me kind of even more convinced that I need to put my hands on them!

S a dit…

Oh you are a vision. I'm glad I don't have to dress up for work, but if I did, this is how I would want to look. And the flats look good, and I'm glad to hear they are as comfortable as your Lanvins (or maybe close).

Garderoben a dit…

I love the outfit as well! I wish I could wear beige without feeling like I'm disappearing. The flats are just beautiful.

t a dit…

Great look! You wear those shoes well!

If Jane a dit…

wow wow wow!!! la classe!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Lovely as always! That sweater is so cute! Too bad it's almost impossible to get!
have a great weekend!

Aïssa a dit…

Merci Fleurette! It's funny because I love grey, it's an all-season staple color for me. Come Spring I just associate it with lighter colors instead of the usual black or navy.

Thanks S! I have less of a hard time to get dressed for work now, sometimes even enjoying it, still I wish I could wear my jeans and IM boots to work!

Thanks Garderoben! Maybe adding a bright or printed scarf would "pop up" that color mix.

Thanks t!

Ah, merci If Jane!!

Emmy: thank you! Have a nice week-end too!

Anonyme a dit…

Those shoes just make your whole outfit. LOVE!!

Pennerad a dit…

i have always loved this combination. i also favor this silhouette more now that i am older: the cropped trouser (of various widths), slouchy sweater/top, and flats. wonderfully executed; i'm hoping to do this more as the weather warms up!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks LuxeBytes!!

Pennerad: It's also among my favourite combination: Audrey Hepburn's style legacy! Well I'm sure others before her wore that look but this silhouette's linked to her in my subconscious.

onlycoolcats a dit…

Fleurette is right, grey and beige look perfect together. I didn't know it either (embarassed:)
BTW, With Your light brown skin tone everything looks perfect.Spring is in the air and my obsession that I am too pale for bare legs is killing me.
You don't have that problem, lucky You.

Aïssa a dit…

onlycoolcats: Ah the bare legs. I've been thinking about it since Spring is in effect. It's tricky: I really want to take the tights off but it's still cold in the mornings. I'd like to avoid getting sick so I try to reason myself.