dimanche 20 mars 2011


It's officially Spring: the sun is shining bright, the air is warm but I took this outfit pic last Friday and at the time we were back in weather limbo mode.

I'm off to vote and enjoy this Sunday.

coat: comptoir des Cotonniers
shirt: Ann Demeulemeester
jeans: Isabel Marant
boots: Etoile
scarf: Cos

4 commentaires:

Pennerad a dit…

wonderful simple look for that weird weather situation that comes with spring.
i like the coat.

S a dit…

perfectly simple! And still the coolest jeans around.

If Jane a dit…


Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Pennerad! The weather is back in Spring mode and much alike during Winter I'm using the onion method:I'm peeling layers as the day gets hotter and sunnier and putting them back on as soon as the night falls!

Thanks S! I'm determined to wear these jeans as often as I can!!

Thanks If Jane!