mercredi 16 février 2011

How the NYFW saved the last weeks of Winter

It's always the same. 

Come February, after months of wearing the same clothes, the depressing latest racks of rubbish on sales, the Spring collection stocked up amidst cold temperatures,  I don't know what to wear, inspiration for the last weeks of Winter get sluggish.

I want some fresh "blood", something to shake things up a bit. 

But I can't bring myself to buy clothes from the new collections as I want to limit my purchases to items I can actually wear now and not come some (still) distant Spring.

Thanks to the New York fashion week, which introduced urban, wearable and easy to replicate looks, I've collected a few ideas to save those last weeks of Winter from utter style boredom.

  • Preppy silhouettes with shirts hanging off sweaters
  • Neutral shades of camel, black and white contrasting with with shots of color
  • Parkas with 70's boot cut trousers 
  • Leather jackets under coats.
Zero Maria Cornejo, VPL

  • Earthy tones, sand colors and greys
  • Boyish looks with flat short boots and trousers.

MbyMJ, Theory, The Row, Rachel Roy, Steven Alan
  • Prints, patterns mixed up
  • Native, Eastern influences
  • Bellow the knee skirts and dresses
  • Leopard 
  • Tailored grey trousers

7 commentaires:

Pennerad a dit…

it's finally warming up enough here that i can wear less layers and more of the clothes that have been relegated to the back of the closet due to SNOW splash, lol.
i love the collection you have here. isn't the theory collection something? j'adore.

Dahlia a dit…

Ahh! New York Fashion Week is becoming more and more interesting to me... I haven't followed any of the shows very closely as I used to. There is so much to catch up on!

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

I haven't fallen head over heels on any Theysken's Theory from this or next season. I'd hate to feel like I'm buying just to buy. Maybe I'd reconsider if anything makes it to the sales...

S a dit…

I know how you feel ... by the end of winter, I'm dying to put on something different. I usually succumb to the early spring offerings, as the weather is mild where I live, but looking forward to next fall is definitely inspiring! I love the dusty color palette of the Zero collection especially.

lin a dit…

Nice looks, I'm always a fan of Maria Cornejo - I'm definitely hitting her store in NYC if I visit this year.

I really liked the colours and styles of the Phillip Lim collection.

Milly a dit…

I adore your blog - and love these pictures!! you are beautiful!

I'm following you!


Aïssa a dit…

Pennerad:What a relief it must be to wear clothes for other purpose than protection from the snow!
I was actually a bit mixed regarding Theyskens/theory. I can't definitevely say that I liked the collection except for the trousers.

Right Dahlia! Instead of just watching the usual suspects, I enjoyed the collections of lesser known (at least in France)designers.

Prêt à Porter P: It's more Theory than Theyskens... But I liked the trousers. I think Jil Sander's collection for Uniqlo is the only collaboration where I truly feel the designer's imprint.

S: As much as I can't wait for Spring, I know I already have a good load of clothes fit for the coming season so I try to add the minimum... The Maria Cornejo show was really great and is so inspiring for the transition weather ahead.

Lin: I discovered Maria Cornejo thanks to la garçonne and have been a fan since. She had a pop-up store in Paris last year that I religiously visited but I'd love to be able to see and buy all her designs!

Thanks a lot Milly! I just had an ego surge! I truly appreciate your kind words.