lundi 14 février 2011

Days off

To tide over till Spring, I'm into that cosy and rugged look and I'd like to add to my wardrobe:
  • a slim denim or chambray overall to wear underneath my Isabel Marant Bator and later with the Etoile grey jacket.
  • red stripes
  • h&m black leather and white canvas tote
  • slim cargos in grey

7 commentaires:

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

overalls? Say it ain't so!
I know that h&m bag is a celine copy, but for a such a relatively simple style, and the way canvas picks up dirt, I think an H&M one is more sensible IMO.

Pennerad a dit…

i love the lagarconne look. my denim shirt is quite fitted, but dark denim, unfortunately. will need to rough it up a bit, i suppose. i agree with pret re the h&m copy of the bag. the originals are SO expensive!

Vegalyn a dit…

I love this collage!

As the weather is turning better (today: sunny and 10 degrees in Brussels), I got my spring coat out. It just looks like the one J.Moore is wearing in the picture.

I'm eagerly looking forward to temperature that allows me to show some bare ankle :-))

If Jane a dit…

ok..i cannot wait to for spring!!! love all the looks...

Sam a dit…

vivement le printemps
ton blog est vraiment inspirant, je l'adoore c'est une superbe découverte
bises ! ;)

Dahlia a dit…

The clog boots are so you! And I love the girl wearing the overalls... overalls really don't suit everyone! It's an attitude thing. The red beanie is just a plus!

Aïssa a dit…

Ha ha! Not a fan of overalls Prêt?
I've had an attraction to overalls/ jumpsuit for as far as I can remember. Every Spring, I want a pair... Last year, it was the See by Chloe and I even caved for some APC ones.

Pennerad:I checked the Céline corner the other day, no way I'm putting that much money on a tote. I'm haunting my h&m store hunting for the bag!! :))

Thanks Vegalyn! I only hope that the worst (snow and ice) are behind us. I remember when we had snow in April a couple of years ago...Hmm, just like the Prince song.
I got all excited the other day when I got off from work at 6 pm and realized it was still daylight... Small mercies!

Me too If Jane, me too!!

Merci beaucoup Sam! Je crois que c'est un sentiment très généralisé, on a tous hâte que le printemps arrive !!

Thanks Dahlia! You completely get me! It's all about the cut and the association with other clothes.