dimanche 21 novembre 2010

The brogues way

Some ways to wear the Fratelli Rossetti brogues :

Brogues style

Brogues style 2

Brogues style 3

Brogues style 4

Brogues style 5

8 commentaires:

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

I like the mixture of black/red/grey.

Aïssa a dit…

Me too Prêt à Porter P! It's my favorite combination right now though I intend to try others like camel, grey and red or olive green, grey, red.

Ida a dit…

Awesome! The grey tee in the last pic, where's it from?

If Jane a dit…


Dahlia a dit…

oh i simply love these! do you make them with polyvore?

Pennerad a dit…

excellent. i'm stealing all of these. :)

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Ida! The grey tee is Marc Jacobs surprisingly and quite expensive for a tee! You can find out about all the items if you click on the pics.

Thanks If Jane!

Thanks Dahlia! Yes, I've "rediscovered" Polyvore after giving it up for awhile and it's so addictive and time-consuming!

Oooh Pennerad la copieuse!:)) Thanks!

q9y8 a dit…

Wonderful pairing of neutrals, love every single set.