mercredi 29 septembre 2010


I've been wearing my Etoile Isabel Marant jacket for the past two days (I love it!) which have been very fresh. It's time for layers again. 
I wore a sleeveless black dress (New Look) and added over it a cotton tee (Petit Bateau) and a light merinos anthracite knit (Etoile IM) and rolled a leopard printed scarf (Accessorize) to keep warm... 
On the other hand I went bare legs (which felt ok. I guess my lower body is not as sensitive to the drop of temperatures) and just put on my Lanvin flats. Plus my Balenciaga Day that's on the H&M stool.

Oh and I "slightly" sidetracked from the list and got some knee high, high stacked heeled black boots; they're in the red and white bag from French highstreet shoe store "André". They have that 70's classic vibe. Will post pics later!

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heart in a cage a dit…

love it! Unfortunately it's already too cold to go out bare legged over here. And the thing is, whenever I went out with bare legs while temperatures were around 18 degrees I'd get a lot of stares from people, especially at school I start feeling uncomfortable...:p
Can't wait to see a picture of your new boots!


I think this is the best outfit I've seen on this blog. So classic, chic, simple and extremely beautiful. You carry the dress so well thanks to your immaculate figure and the nonchalant ensemble. Love your bag! How do you like it? I'm planning to buy it because it might be more useful and practical for school, etc.. but I can't justify owning two, almost identical bags in the same color from Balenciaga.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks a lot both of you!

Heart in a cage: I remember how tough school can be if you break away from the "norm". Sadly, it really doesn't change even once you're done with it...You just get a thicker skin and do your own stuff.

Dead Fleurette: The Day gets heavy quickly but it's very practical and I like its shape so I wear it a lot but try to not overload it.