lundi 27 septembre 2010

The list: Follow-up

A little over a month ago I posted  a Fall Winter wish-list .

Items I felt were essentials and/or would help me achieve the looks I had in mind. Here is what I had listed:
  • (Saving for) a Balenciaga city classic
  • pleated skirt
  • new trench
  • tweed jacket/coat (technically the Etoile one is not tweed but it fits the bill!)
  • wedge boots
  • knee high flat black boots
  • and if I find a decently cut and not overpriced one, a shearling coat/jacket.
 I found most of what I was looking for and didn't (completely) ruin myself while at it....

more after the jump

  • The jackets were the biggest purchases . 
I initially needed  just one jacket but bought a second one (which I justified as my birthday gift...). Both  from Isabel Marant's Etoile line.
  • Pleated skirt and trench were purchased at Zara. 
I originally had a Vanessa Bruno Athé pleated skirt  in mind but a) I wasn't convinced by the material and b) it was quite expensive for a few centimetres of materials. 

As for the trench I had "grandeur" desires as I was first aiming for a Burberry...Needless to say I came to my senses and am quite satisfied with the budget-friendly Zara version I got.
  • The wedge boots : a big trendy piece this season. I've wanted to get a pair since last Winter and had a hard time finding any. Now they're everywhere but I have hard time finding any I like.
 I was torn between the Minimarkets which at the time were only available online (and except if I'm sure of the model and fit I don't buy shoes online) and the Surface 2 Air .

After getting a Surface 2 Air substitute which I returned because I wasn't 100% happy with the model and felt they just were not me, I kept searching.

Like I said, wedge boots are everywhere for every purses and every style. 

I was looking for a model that even though trendy was :
        a) classic enough (ie: no faux sheepskin, pompoms; fringes etc.),
        b) not too high nor heavy because I hate that clumsy and heavy walk induced by both aspects,
        c) tough enough for a temperate Fall Winter weather, so no suede.

I considered the H&M boots, the Stella McCartney ones and many others before setting on the boots bellow which I know won't be unanimously liked but I do. They fit the bill, are a bit sporty and look so cool with trousers and dresses with black ribbed tights. 


So I'm still looking for black flat knee-high boots and still saving for the Balenciaga City... That being said, next couple of months are all about tax collecting so unless I win the loto I'll still be drooling over it for a few months more!

On the other hand I gave up on the shearling coat/jacket. It's an overdose case: too much, everywhere. But, now I'm obsessed with a duffle coat. To be continued...

3 commentaires:

Pennerad a dit…

sounds like a thorough list!
i'm glad you were able to find most of what you wanted, especially the boots. these look like they are perfect for your needs, popularity be damned.
i'm saving for a pair of boots as well, though i have also been distracted by a short, flat pair that i also want/need. if i can stick to your tactic of caution, i think i'll be there in no time!

Emmy a dit…

You're doing really good with your list! All I want is a PS1 but I'm always getting random stuff so I never save for it :(

妹妹 a dit…

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