dimanche 19 juin 2011

Sans titre

Sans titre

This is an out of the blue post. I must have clicked on the "Post to blogger" button without realizing it.
Anyway let's make the best of it. 
I love the incredible Céline boots from the coming Fall. It's basically the same model as last year's version but the price tag still stuns me so I'll pass this time too.
On the other hand, I'm waiting on the T by Wang jacket to arrive home. I was actually preparing a post on my back obsession. Nothing dirty heh! Just that I've been acquiring quite a sensible amount of clothes with low backs, cut-out backs and the likes...And it seems I'm on the roll as I've got this shirt last Friday.


5 commentaires:

If Jane a dit…

i like!

t a dit…

Nice shirt!


Lindsay K a dit…

Lovely blouse. I like that it reveals a little skin, but not to much. Nice and subtle.

miss sophie a dit…

with the summer heat being what it is i need all the extra airiness i can get! i really like the cut-out details.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks everyone! I actually returned the blouse. I just felt like it was another unnecessary purchase especially considering how the July weather turned out: cold and rainy.