lundi 6 juin 2011

Outtakes 2

A few outfits from these past days with some new items which have incorporated my closet. Just typical days-off in the city Summer dressing.

dress: Etoile IM
sandals: André

blouse, jeans: h&m
sandals: André
scarf: Zara
bag: Gap

jacket: Etoile IM
grey denim skirt, scarf: h&m
sandals: André
bag: Gap

cardi: h&m
sleeveless tee: ?
trousers: Zara
sandals: André
bag: Gap

jacket, boots: Etoile IM
tee: Zara
jeans: h&m
scarf: IM
bag: Celine

8 commentaires:

Garderoben a dit…

Such great summery outfits! The H&M blouse looks so good on you. And that's an Etoile Chuck jacket, right? I love mine, .

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

I've been searching for something similar to your zara trousers. That IM dress is so pretty on you.

koko // res pulchrae a dit…

So much fun seeing a series of outfits like this! Love the white Zara pants, perfectly slouchy for summer.

lin a dit…

all great outfits as usual, and i really like thhat H&M blouse, so subtly summer. The Etoile dress adds such a nice flirty variation.

t a dit…

All great looks!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Garderoben! I plan on wearing this blouse non-stop! Love it so much!
You guessed right, it's the same Chuck jacket you have. A great purchase indeed and the weather took a fresher turn so more occasion to wear it!

Prêt: These trousers are a couple Summers old. They're rather resistant considering that most of my Zara clothes don't last more than a few months...
I'm usually a bit shy of bright colors especially when it's a "big" piece and I'm glad I got out of my color comfort zone for this dress.

Thanks Koko, Lin and t!

If Jane a dit…

toujours chic toi!! ;))

Aïssa a dit…

Ah mais oui, oui!:)) Merci Nancy!!