samedi 22 janvier 2011

Friday shopping and company

I spent a good couple of hours friday in the stores. I rarely spend that much time in stores,  but then I also rarely go shopping with someone. 

I don't consider shopping a social activity, on the contrary it's personal and egocentric.  

Don't get me wrong, I care for my friends and want their appreciation, it's just that I'd rather spend times with them before a good meal or watching an exhibition but not in the stores. 

It's my personal space and time. I want to try anything I want,  even if it looks utterly foolish on the rack, enter a store and exit it 2 minutes later, take a 30 minutes walk to check my favourite designers, and so on.  So I deal with my fashion habits on my own.  

Yesterday though, I changed the "rules" and having company was really pleasant and not overwhelming, the time limited enough to avoid frustration and impatience on either side.

So we checked Uniqlo, le Printemps and h&m, funnily enough, each looking for trousers.

I tried on a +J pair at Uniqlo with a boyfriend fit and was appealed by the nonchalant allure it gave. It almost made it but:
  1. I found it not versatile enough
  2. I had doubts on how flattering the cut was. In theory and on pictures, I like this kind of trousers but whenever I try some I really can't get over the sagging front and bottom.
  3. And the coup de grâce : the tag mentionned heavy piling of the material. I want nonchalant but not négligé.
Until I eventually find a decent pair, I checked out h&m's new collection and finally tried the zipped leather pants but again it's not working on me.

coat: Gap
scarf: Cos
knit and trousers: Etoile
Boots: Minelli

5 commentaires:

Vegalyn a dit…

"I don't consider shopping a social activity, on the contrary it's personal and egocentric."

definitely agree with you!!

Although I love go shopping with my boyfriend, but then only for him or for presents. If it's shopping for clothing for myself, I really regard it as "Quality me-time"

If Jane a dit…

i too agree...and of course it is very me-time.
love the whole outfit.

koko // res pulchrae a dit…

Out of all my friends there's probably only one I can go shopping with - and even then I much prefer to go alone. Probably because I have never needed anyone's advice when it comes to buying anything. If I needed a second opinion, then it's probably something I can easily live without.

I'm trying to find some nice slouchy pants for spring. I had a perfect pair by Miu Miu a long time ago but it got lost with all the moving to and from college. La Garconne has some nice options (comme toujours!) But more than I would like to spend, and I'm sure eBay has some good deals but unfortunately trousers are something you MUST try on before buying.

Dahlia a dit…

You're right. I don't really shop when I'm with a friend, because usually I know if I feel good wearing a certain thing I'm trying on... bringing a friend along, they could say 'yes it looks great!' because they're afraid to hurt your feelings, but also 'no it looks wrong!' just because it's not particularly their style... I'm rambling on, but yeah, I totally agree with you!

Aïssa a dit…

Vegalyn: I get what you mean. I don't mind accompanying a friend for shopping but not for myself.

Thanks If Jane!

Same Koko. I'm very opinionated when it comes to clothes, I don't feel the need for advice or reassurance of anyone. I get irritated in stores where sales assistants are hovering and giving opinions.
Good luck on your search.
I can't agree more: Shoes and trousers are the items I never buy online if there's no opportunity to try them on before.

Oh I agree with you Dahlia! It's always tricky to shop under the eyes of a friend, no matter how much you like and trust each others!