mardi 11 janvier 2011

Ready, set, sales!

1-  Bottoms:

I really need another set of trousers and I've been eyeing this Vanessa Bruno pair.

Vanessa Bruno
I'd like another pencil skirt and this Zara reminds me of a model Acne did a few years back.


 2. Tops:

I want this Gap boucle knitted vest


But if I could, I'd also be on the look-out for this Vanessa Bruno Athé vest or a similar one that was sold in Zara :

VB Athé

 3- Knits: I really don't need more knits but these from APC, Etoile and Vanessa Bruno are simple and gorgeous. 



 Vanessa Bruno

7 commentaires:

Fleurette a dit…

Good luck, and try not to get sidetracked!
There is only one thing I'm going to buy at the sales.. a striped breton shirt from APC. It will most likely cost 25-30 euros!

lin a dit…

Hope you find everything you need. I like the look of the Gap vest, sporty but chic. Vanessa Bruno always does these knits are look great. I always wished I had a reason to buy them.

Vegalyn a dit…

Good luck in the sales! Here the sales has been going on for 10days now. I only got lingerie (what I always do) in the "real" shops. The rest of my sales purchases were done online. Finally got a winter coat!

Love that GAP-vest.

Aïssa a dit…

Fleurette: Good luck on the APC top.
No worries for me. My mantra is "keep focused" and mind is set on specific items. It should work... or I will leave the Visa home. Yes, any means necessary to avoid unnecessary sales purchases! :))

Thanks Lin. I'm already wearing my Gap vest! :))
As for Vanessa Bruno, I can only agree with you. I only have a couple of knits but her designs are constantly wonderful and timeless, always simple but lovely done.

Vegalyn: I got the Gap vest, it's great.
Online sales is really the best option. It's so much better than the heat and the frenzy in stores. But I'm always concerned about the "hidden" fees(retun shippings when the item's not right).
I didn't have the time nor the envy to go shopping after work wednesday but I'll check Vanessa Bruno and Isabel Marant this week-end.

If Jane a dit…

all nice...
i more and more i am appreciating vanessa bruno. ;))

Cora a dit…

I bought a gorgeous black Isabel Marant coat (the gipsy blancket one) in the sales!

(sorry, but no one I know is remotely interested in Isabel Marant, and I had to share)

Aïssa a dit…

If Jane: Vanessa Bruno's work is less in the spotlight as Isabel Marant's but her clothes are incredible as well.

Cora: Congratulations!!
This season no Isabel Marant coat for me but her outerwear is often wonderful, very nonchalant and cool.