dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Mes petits riens

No matter what I wear, where I go these little things are part of me. 

I almost always wear these light blue -nearly green- pearl earrings. I got them several years ago in a tiny jeweller boutique on the rue du Pont-Neuf.  I have other earrings but these are by far my favorites.  

A vintage golden bracelet with chiseled flower and a pearly center.  I love it. I find it incredibly delicate and fancy

From the moment I laid my eyes on the Opex "Ballerine" model, over a decade ago,  I knew  that it was "my" watch. It was just perfect in my eyes and still is : the double strand wristband, rectangular face,  its minimal and yet jewellery aspect. 
As a student and a part-time worker at Sephora, I used my first pay to get a gorgeous light beige model that, to my utter grief, I lost years later in the métro. 
The one I'm actually wearing, with a black leather wristband, is a birhday gift that I cherish and take extra attention of.  

Isabel Marant long necklace is also a birthday gift. 
Honestly Isabel Marant's jewellery not the best quality as I lost one pearl of the pendant within weeks of wearing it and the same thing happened with a pair of earrings. But then at the time I got these items, I wasn't aware of it.
However, the necklace even missing the pearl, is part of most of my outfits. I still love its design, the color of the pearl, the tint of the chain.

And the last touch, a spray of L'Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal.

6 commentaires:

If Jane a dit…

oh i realy love the watch...so classy!!! (you have great taste)

Dahlia a dit…

What a beautiful and interesting post! Maybe I should do one of my own someday.

I often find myself liking the jewelry that people give me more than the ones I buy myself, because they automatically come with a personal history and meaning.

lin a dit…

I love that watch - the winding strap is such a striking but subtle detail. I love once you have your ideal watch you really stop thinking about it and you no longer need to look at any others.

Lovely to be able to see all the little details we'd normally miss from your photos.

Aïssa a dit…

If Jane: Thank you! I guess you know now that I love it too!! :))

Thank you Dahlia. I completely relate to what you wrote. To me, these gifts are also a bit like talismans, loving proof and touch of beloved.

Thanks a lot Lin. You're so right, I don't even think about getting another watch. As a matter of fact, after I lost the first one, I went on for months without one because I couldn't imagine wearing another watch...

miss sophie a dit…

i love your daily essentials. these little pieces that have stories behind them are so revelatory about who we are :) i did a tag post on '5 things' as well last month. so fun!

by the way, i really love your blog and style looks. i found your blog through an older post you did on selling your IM Bator coat. did you ever manage to sell it? i'm on the hunt for one currently and kicking myself for letting one on eBay get away...


Anonyme a dit…

I love this kind of posts!