jeudi 18 novembre 2010

Tenue du jour - Grey, black and red

Today's work outfit: simple and warm with my 3 favourite colours at the moment.

Coat, knit: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Boots: André
Scarf: COS
Mittens: c&a
Bag : Anna Corrina

4 commentaires:

If Jane a dit…

you always find the right shade of red...

Dahlia a dit…

adore this outfit! sometimes you just need that pop of red and the outfit looks perfect.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks If Jane! I'm becoming quite the red expert then!!

Thanks Dahlia! That pop of colour has been my style weapon lately. When I'm fed up with my usual black-grey combo, I'll pick something red and voilà!

onlycoolcats a dit…

Although red is not my colour,I have to admit it looks fantastic on You.
I really have to visit Zara more often.

10 points for fingerless gloves!