lundi 22 novembre 2010

Tenue du jour - Eureka!

Popped up in H&M today while doing some errands, the store is opening at 8 am tomorrow for the Lanvin for H&M launch. I won't be there! Much prefer my beauty sleep! 

I've been meaning to wear again that h&m knit very much "inspired" by Rodarte's work for awhile now but I've been having quite exclusive relations with those Zara cashmeres lately. Hard to wear anything else that's not as warm and soft. 

That knit was one of those trendy piece h&m does, highly sought after. I remember getting one for Ditte to Denmark! 

I wore it a couple of times and then it was in the back of my cupboard. But lately, I've had this surge of interest for it. Visualizing outfits I could plan around it. 

Isn't it interesting when you rediscover an item you lost interest in or couldn't find a way to make your own? And all of sudden, eureka!  

Jacket: IM Etoile
Knit, trousers: h&m
boots: André
Scarf: Cos
Bag: Balenciaga

5 commentaires:

q9y8 a dit…

The H&M pullover looks really nice, kinda like one of those from Alexander Wang too. I've seen similar one from COS, but the color isn't as good as the H&M one.

Glad that you didn't get up early for the Lanvin collection. ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

You look soo cute!!! I love that sweater sooo much!

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks a lot q9y8 and Emmy!

If Jane a dit…

oh i am in love with the sweater...seriously next time i am in paris you and i are going shopping...;))

Aïssa a dit…

Can't wait If Jane!