vendredi 12 novembre 2010

The perfect coat : Follow-up

A promising lead on ebay from a popular French brand (Comptoir des Cotonniers) that seemed to fit the bill turned out to be quite disappointing (it didn't fit properly, breast pockets were too small) and was put back to the market.

So now, after weeks of search, I feel like this perfect coat really is a chimera and maybe I should make do with:

a) the ASOS

b) the Topshop, if it ever comes back in stock

The simple fact that I'm hesitating makes me realise that I probably won't buy either. They're great but just not what I want/need and I have a hard time buying online and negative recounts on Topshop's customer service have always held me back from purchasing from this site.

Anyway, a duffle-coat would've been useful this week with all the rain, wind and cold we're having. I'll keep my eyes open but the obsession has subsided...And I think that's for the best.

In the meantime, I bought a hooded scarf from COS.

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If Jane a dit…

consolation prizes or pruchases always work for me...;))

(i am never sure about buying things on-line...)

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

That's a shame about the CdC; it looks like everything you wanted. Did you see the Schott? I belive they're the original inventors of the "perfecto" leather jacket.

Don't settle! I always tell myself not to buy the "almosts" sometimes I still do out of necessity, but then it becomes a waste of money because if I find the perfect one it's like I bought 2 things instead of one.

I'd like to see the hooded scarf on, I'm so curious if I could adapt those things into my life.

Sarah a dit…

I just looked at a fantastic navy toggle coat at the Barbour store. I've already got a winter coat so I didn't buy one, but thought I would mention it. so classic.

Vegalyn a dit…

wise decision to hold back from the Topshop-purchase, especially for an important one like a winter coat.

I had 2 orders at Topshop in the past year and was on both occassions extremely dissappoited by the quality.

I'm still wearing my old winter coat and will wait for the January-sales to get a new one. :-*

Aïssa a dit…

If Jane: The hooded scarf seemed a bit of a consolation indeed! Better that than splurging on something inconsiderate...

I love browsing online but rarely buy too. I used to buy on ebay a few times but only for small amounts. My biggest purchase was the No.6 boots from Totoakelo last winter but the taxes knocked me down so now I just look at things...

Tell me about it, Prêt à Porter P! I was so sure to have found "the one", but hélas non... Thanks for the tips and Schott link. If anything, my CDC misadventure confirmed that it's really better to see items and try them on but I'm not giving up!

The hooded scarf has already been put to good use today. It's a cool and useful item especially when the wind blows hard and it drizzles at the same time making it hard to handle an umbrella.
I actually got the idea from the DKNY ads and when checking the COS website, I saw they had a version I had to try it. Plus it's great with my afro hair, it doesn't flatten it weirdly like a beanie would!

Thanks for the tip Sarah!I'll check their website too.

Yes Vegalyn, buying on sight only is really hazardous and it can be such a hassle to return articles bought online so I'd rather not.
As we're already in November, your decision to wait for January sales is really sensible and unless I find THE coat very, very soon I'll adopt the same strategy.

onlycoolcats a dit…

Shopping at COS is very dangerous, at least in my case.Every single time I visit them,I want to posses 80% of the stuff they have.