dimanche 10 octobre 2010

My Bags

I love bags and used to have a lot more of all colors, shapes and materials from my  high school and university days, bought along travels, in vintage stores, highstreet and so on that I ditched over the past couple of years. 

Of course if I could, I'd own designer bags (Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Celine,  Hermès, the Vuitton SC bag...) there are so many gorgeous bags and the sequential prices going up, I can't spend thousands of euros on a bag every other months And, at the same time, copies of  those bags just don't have any appeal.

So I just happily rely on my core bags pictured bellow. The ones I use no matter the seasons. They have a classic shape, understated colors, are big enough to hold my necessary on the go items and versatile. I rarely buy new bags and the latest addition is a Vanessa Bruno Athé besace. 

Abaco -7 years old at least
Anna Corinna tote light grey - 4 years old
Balenciaga Day - 5  years old
VB Athé Besace -Fall 10 purchase
My new bag as seen in Grazia

7 commentaires:

If Jane a dit…

great bags...i love the anna corinna!!!

lin a dit…

They're all such "forever" bags, they look nice and functional but also stylish.

I love bags, probably my biggest fashion weakness, but I've learnt to buy less and rely on what I have too.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks a lot If Jane and Lin!

Can you believe there was a time that seems so long ago now, when I changed bag everyday according to outfits and situations?! Yeah you can laugh!

etoilee8 a dit…

We have the same taste in bags. My Anna Corinna is completely beat up but has been my go-to bag for six years now.

Anonyme a dit…

Love your bags!

Can you share the price of that new Vanessa Bruno bag? As I'm coming to Paris in November, will put that on my shopping list.


Aïssa a dit…

etoilee8: Can't believe I tried to sell my AC on ebay a few years ago! Luckily for me no one was interested! :))
It's such a classic for me too!

Anonyme : The Vanessa Bruno Athé cost 365 euros (or 375 ?) I can't remember correctly. Will check when I'm home.

Pennerad a dit…

i am trying to tailor my bag collection as i have far too many. i need more cross body bags as i hate clutches and shoulder bags since i use mine for books now mostly. however, i've also noted that size/shape are key as i tend to fill larger bags, carrying too much and straining my back!
currently on the hunt for the perfect style for my new lifestyle!