dimanche 31 octobre 2010


Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood par Rouge noir

I was mentionning on Grey's blog how I kind of envied North American's Holiday season and especially the Halloween celebration. 

No matter how hard marketing and ads try to impose it in France, it just doesn't take root. I never saw or heard of children trick or treating in the neighborhood, there are no decorated homes with pumpkins, skeletons and whatnot, nor adults wearing disguises.

The American way seems so much more festive and pagan.

So if I had a Halloween party to go to tonight, I imagined this disguise (so not me but that's the point of it, non?). You notice the red obssession is still going strong... 

Happy Halloween! 

6 commentaires:

Ida a dit…

We have the exact same holiday in Denmark, but it's in February and it's called Fastelavn...all the kids go trick or treating in their costumes, so cute! It's our own very old holiday though, has nothing to do with Halloween.

Pennerad a dit…

awesome shoes in this collage!
i never celebrated halloween though i have always wanted to. i think my hyper-religious upbringing has taken root.

Aïssa a dit…

It sounds so cute Ida!

We also have mardi-gras which is around February/March where kids put on disguises and eat crèpes (pancakes) but it's not as wide-spread or intense as Halloween at least I don't feel like it.
I used to do it at school, it was fun.

Pennerad: I actually saw a few kids wandering the streets asking for candies! Ah what wouldn't kids do for a little sugar rush hein?!
I think it's the kind of holiday I'd love to celebrate if I had kids.

If Jane a dit…

oh it is really a kids holiday...really. ;)
but more and more i noticing university students getting dressed up & having parties.

and yes there are pagan elements involved...but i have yet to speak to a witch or someone who practices wicca to see or hear what they do...;))

Aïssa a dit…

@ If Jane: What?? Where are the witches when you need them? Oh right, doing politics... :))

If Jane a dit…

hahaha! ;))