dimanche 1 août 2010

Thrift store treasures and vanity size speculations

I discovered a thrift shop a few months ago and found 2 little dresses last time I stopped by. Both dresses's tags indicated a size a lot larger than my standard one yet fitted perfectly. I left the store with them.
Still I couldn't help wondering about that sizing.
Did Women's bodies really change that much over the past decades or is it a marketing trick to make women feel thinner?

Vintage dress
Vanessa Bruno tote
UGG clogs

2 commentaires:

lin a dit…

Your summer looks are so wonderful, especially the way you mix print and colour in.

I've long given up on sizing on clothes as being anything meaningful - by which I mean whether I am a healthy size or not.

Anonyme a dit…

It's a trick. That's why it's called "vanity" sizing. If you look up standard sizing, say, on Wikipedia, you'll find the sizes you see in the stores these days are not standard. Which explains all those stories about Marilyn Monroe being a size 14-- 1955's size 14 is today's 8 and sometimes 6.