jeudi 10 juin 2010

Inspired by...

Miss Moll Chérie summer wish list, which made me remember about my Isabel Marant boots.
It's stormy weather in Paris at the moment, very warm but lots of rain so dressing requires more thought, as the metro turns very quickly in a sauna but I can't stand my feet getting wet. So I decided to wear a long cardi, over a stripped tee, kaki skirt and to put on my Gokta boots.

Cardi, scarf and skirt: H&M
Tee: New Look
Boots: Isabel Marant
Tote: Vanessa Bruno

6 commentaires:

t a dit…

Great look! Love the boots with it!

heart in a cage a dit…

Great outfit! I adore those boots! Still lusting over a pair!
Tuesday's outfit was lovely too!:)

lin a dit…

looks great. i love hearing about the practical concerns going into an outfit.

Fleurette a dit…

Lovely outfit. Love the boots! The ankle boots from isabel marant are the most comfortable but pretty boots i've ever worn

Miss Moll Cherie a dit…

Glad I could be of inspiration!
Love this outfit, you manage to pick the best things at H&M.
Do you think the IM boots are worth the investment?

Aïssa a dit…


Miss Moll Chérie: I'd say yes in an instant! 2-3 years ago, I first bought the suede ones and then the black leather. They're expensive but worth it for me. Never ever regretted getting them. Since then, lots of brands copied the boots at more affordable prices so it may be a solution if you hesitate to splurge.