jeudi 27 mai 2010

That issue

I used to be a magazine junkie and blow my money on foreign and local editions that I'd keep for years. I had to buy at least one per week.

Not anymore.

One, I can't stand the "psychobull"sex/relationship articles.
Second, I want inspiration but I also want to relate, i.e. no hipsters or jet/gyp-set obscene bling...
Third, it must affordable, because spending the weekly food budget on mags is out of question.

Which leaves me quite picky.

Thanks to the internet, I can check if an issue is worth buying.

Lately, I just bought the March US Bazaar and May US Vogue both of which I read cover to cover, are still on my nightstand table and I enjoy flipping through.

Pics: US Bazaar March 2010, from tfs via and

4 commentaires:

Glove Slap a dit…

God, you are so right! Magazines usually have the dumbest articles. Even when I was just in middle school, I wondered, "Why do they write anything at all? Why don't they just fill it with pictures alone?"
I prefer the fashion blogs (such as yours) because they express style; they are not just catalogues of items I could never hope to actually see, let alone buy.
I like to see the personality of the blogger come through and think about how it's reflected in her style.

Prêt à Porter P a dit…

When I was a student I'd have to constantly buy magazines for various projects, and I really began to dislike US Elle and US Vogue because of all the text. Esp. Elle with their stupid (to me) relationship articles. And I wish mags would get rid of horoscopes, the 1st that goes straight into the trash. Now like you I use the internet to see if an issue is worth buying.

I'm a sucker for a Moroccan theme editorial, but ehh I wish for a different model, but that is more a matter of my personal preference. I've noticed US fashion mags have been making more of a point to feature "affordable" (<$500) options.

Dahlia a dit…

Depuis tFS, je n'achète presque plus de magazines... je suis devenue beaucoup trop sélective (ce qui plutôt bien pour mon budget)!

Aïssa a dit…

Glove Slap: I like articles with perspective on women's conditions, society issues or interesting personalities. But even on that matter I rely on websites like Jezebel because the critics are sharper, the subjects wider and more diverse. I actually realized that some subjects first seen on the Internet find their ways (much later of course) on papers... When it comes to style inspiration, I agree that most mags just feel like catalogs of trends. It's even more obvious now with internet, you see the same themes/trends/clothes rehashed all over. So sad.

Prêt a Porter P: The same goes for Elle France! Horoscopes are a waste for me too. I don't even look at it though when younger I used to! The worst is for December/January issues when all the French mags are filled with new year horoscopes...
I've made the same notice about US mags including "budget friendlier" items. I think the crisis and the blogs really put the focus on the fact that being well dressed should be a pleasure but that not a lot of people can/want to spend hundreds on a one season trendy item...

Dahlia: Effectivement, je crois que c'est une tendance généralisée. j'ai même remarqué une pub dans le Vogue US pour les magazines. C'est dire que les ventes doivent chuter! Pour autant, je trouve que peu de magazines surtout en France font l'effort de se renouveler. C'est presque toujours les mêmes sujets et les séries mode sont un melting pot de toutes les tendances sans réelle originalité. Dommage.