samedi 1 mai 2010

April: the shopaholic month

It's always the same.

On the first days of a new season, I bring back the stored clothes and I'm almost convinced I don't need new ones, except for refreshing the basic items.

  • I needed a new coat for work because I was fed up with my decade old trench or tweed jacket so I got the Zara linen coat.
  • I realised I didn't have any fresh and neutral springy knits left. Well, I got 3 knitted sweaters (2 H&M and 1 Isabel Marant) and a hooded sweat (H&M).
  • I had to attend an award ceremony at the residence of an ambassador with a "city" dress code and didn't want to put another LBD. Then I went to COS and found that draped grey dress and immediately imagined it with my Isabel Marant jacket and black pumps, that I don't own.
  • Yes, I work in a quite conservative environment and yet don't have basic black pumps. I got some years ago but hated them, just didn't fit me at all. But I found the Jonak black pumps and they just felt right on.
  • The advantage of posting pics of my outfits is it makes you realize there are some items that are in constant rotation. I was fed up with wearing jeans non-stop. I always craved for the IM sweatpants but couldn't find them in the right color/size till last week at the Printemps...
  • Yet I wanted a fourth solid cotton trousers to freshen up my work wardrobe. I don't have many trousers/jeans because it's such a pain to find one that fits right. I usually rely on skirts/dresses but early mornings are still pretty cold so I've been wearing trousers a lot and till a few days ago I didn't have the courage to go bare legs.
  • Which brings us to the Zara batik printed skirt: it was love at first sight. I saw it and without even trying it on, I knew it was meant for me! Same for the simple tank calves length black dress from H&M.
  • A fellow member on TFS posted about the H&M blue romper dress and litteraly, a few hours after, I found it in my size among the racks of the waiting rooms. The color is pretty intense which is rare to find in my wardrobe but I like a little pop especially in summer.
  • In my early spring wish-list, I wanted a lighter color bag. The one I want (Vanessa Bruno) is a little expensive and, if not already, almost sold-out. And then I still crave for the City Balenciaga, the Alexa/ Leah Mulberry or the PS1. Instead of going into debt for any of them, I decided to keep using my old ones. I happened to walk infront of a window shop of Claire's, a store I never go in and it hit me. My perfect spring-summer bag was there. This patchwork cotton tote is my new day off favorite.
  • I bought the wedges yesterday. Don't know for sure if I'll keep the New Look boots. they reminded me of the Surface 2 Air wedge desert boots. The grey espadrille wedges are meant especially for work. When you don't want to show your toes but still want to dress like it's summer even if you have to deal with boring annual general meetings.
Edit: I did return the New Look wedge boots and the H&M blue romper dress which I felt wasn't the most flatering.

Now I'm done with shopping. Sample sales have started, sales will by the end of June but I want to focus on holidays. I can't wait to get a few days off and fly away very far away from here!

In the meantime, happy work day. Sucks for us Monday to Friday workers that it happens on a Saturday but for all those working during week-ends, enjoy it!

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Anonyme a dit…

I absolutely love all all the pieces!

Aïssa a dit…

thanks Emmy!

fashionaddict a dit…

Lovely April you had, and it all sounds very well-thought out. The knits all look like they will go a long way, and of course I love that linen coat.

Aïssa a dit…

Thanks Fashionaddict! I'm certainly over my "one hit wonder" phase where I'd buy lots of random items on a whim and still had nothing to wear! I actually look up to you with your shopping ban, that's an inspiring process!

t a dit…

Amazing stuff you got!

Aïssa a dit…

thanks t!