dimanche 28 février 2010

Transition weather fashion: inspiration

(credit: la garçonne, totokaelo, comptoir des cotonniers, acne)

Winter is not officially over, a few days left, yet I want it to be. We had a particulary rough one.

Days are getting longer, temperatures even reached warmer notes these past days.

But here comes rain, harsh winds and the joys of the roller coaster hi/lo temperatures, so it's even more nightmarish to keep your style and remaining weather proof.

Here above are some looks that hit home for me.

All are very simple but with that masculine, sporty, casualness touch I like.

Most items featured are already in my wardrobe but I'd like to add a few ones:
  • a new trench
  • oxford flats
  • wedge boots
  • white jeans
  • a new bag in a pale color

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